image_2 Crowdfund Consultant Training

Build a meaningful & impactful business assisting charities, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists & anyone looking to raise money. All while working for yourself and making a great living..

“Crowdfunding Renegades” the first professional educational portal designed exclusively for the crowdfunding professional.

Build a successful crowd fund consulting business, step by step.

join the movement, be a renegade!!

image_1Crowdfund Consultant Education

Online training and step by step manuals loaded with guides, templates & forms used by our consultants everyday.

Training Topics

Crowdfunding 101

Donation, Equity & Debt Crowdfunding

Portal Selection / Working with Portals

How to make money as a crowdfunding consulting – What to Charge, to who, for what

Marketing to find clients – There’re everywhere!!!

All the Forms & Templates we use everyday… step by step


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image_3 Were with you Step By Step

One – on – One Coaching Available – Bootcamp coming in 2017

Partner with us… We’ll do Graphic Design, Marketing & Fulfillment.

Private Label services also available…


Popular Courses

Top Experts

Christopher Crippen

C. Crippen

Christopher has worked as an Analyst, Asset Manager & Executive for large Wall Street REITs, the FDIC & Fannie Mae. During the downturn, Christopher played a pivotal role at the FDIC leading the take down of over 150 banks & the disposition of over $2BB OREO assets.


I’m a believer! I’m not only inspired by Christopher, but am inspired by his way with people! It’s beautiful!

Linnie Vassallo – @ProjectCalm

I feel like my passion to move forward with pursuing
my dream is re-ignited!
Live Crowdfunding Workshop Attendee

Mike Morales

Christopher is an energetic, forward looking, happy, inspiring individual whose commanding presence sets one at ease and energizes one to do better than planned. He has good ideas and expresses them in a clear positive way.

OB Phillips


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